giovedì 5 settembre 2013

Portfolio 2013

Dexter Morgan
Raylan Givens from Justified

Tribute to Breaking Bad.

Oldboy Poster

My personal interpretation of the masterpiece directed by Ridley Scott

Tribute to the best movie website of the universe

The Raid poster

Young Arzak rhapsody


Tribute to the new bomber of Fiorentina, Mario Gomez
My personal interpretation of the Mayan gods, Tezcatlipoca. 

Character inspired by Danny Trejo

Lenticular illustration: Pennywise,  the famous character of IT, the bestseller by Stephen King.

Lenticular illustration: IT in his monster form


A short comic about a violent car chase of two futuristic cops: slapping, blood and old sci-fi.

Let's imagine "They call me Trinity" on an alien planet and with Mr. Moebius as a barman.
This is the cover of my first book of illustrations